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Welcome to the Support Center. Designed to answer questions and bring clarity to the community about the MediaBoxx and streaming online video & audio content. Below you will find everything from frequently asked question, video demonstrations, tutorials and much more. If you need any help please feel free to use any of the support features below to get your questions answered. We will create more support platforms in the near future as the MediaBoxx Corporation expands.

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What is a MediaBoxx and How Does It Work?

Our MediaBoxx is 1 of only 2, 100% Pure Android TV boxong Kong and distributed world-wide. We are the #1 100% Pure Android TV Box distributors in the USA. About 98% of Android TV Boxes sold on Amazon, eBay, Craigslist and in retail locations are made in China and produced with less than the industry standard hardware which cause constant malfunctions, freezing, glitching etc. The focus for most of our competitors is cheap pricing, increased profits not focusing on customer experience.

At MediaBoxx our #1 focus in customer experience and satisfaction. The MediaBoxx company produces the MediaBoxx Home Entertainment Center as a device that can add Smart TV functionality to any TV. Adding the MediaBoxx to your existing TVS, you can access millions of Android APPS, stream movies, TV shows, listen to your favorite music, play your favorite games, browse the internet and lots more!

The MediaBoxx connects to your TV via an HDMI cord. Along with additional slots for more storage, digital sound quality, security features and peripherals like wire keyboards, mouse or Bluetooth headsets.

For more information visit our partner website MINIX to learn more about the specs. MediaBoxx is an authorize reseller of MINIX “Next Gen Computing”

What Can I Do with A MediaBoxx?

There’s so many things you can do with the MediaBoxx:

  • Stream movies and TV shows APPS, Netflix, Hulu and All Acess TV etc.
  • Play thousands of Android games (we recommend grabbing a good gamepad)
  • Use hundreds of Android APPS including Facebook, Skype and Twitter
  • Join the social media conversations by downloading APPS
  • Browse the web on your TV using Chrome
  • Use it as an affordable digital signage solution
  • Powerpoint, Microsoft Word, Excel and other programs
  • Listen to unlimited music with Spotify, Pandora and others
  • Check email and stay up to date with contacts

Is the MediaBoxx wireless?

Yes. Not only wireless but has state of the art wifi reception with dual-band 2.4G and 5G connection.

Who do I call if I have a problem with my service?

There is LIVE CHAT on our website and we have a FaceBook support group.  You can also utilize email support to get all your questions answered.

Can I listen to music on this device?

Yes. You will have access to an unlimited amount of music and can choose all your favorite titles to listen to at anytime with no additional cost.

Can I use the MediaBoxx outside of the USA?

Yes you can. The MediaBoxx works anywhere you have an internet connection.

Will I be able to watch LIVE TV on the MediaBoxx?

Yes. Our Home Entertainment Bundle comes with with a 30 FREE Trial of the award-winning LIVE TV APP. There are also other APPS on the MediaBoxx to enjoy live entertainment.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit card payment options.


Is there any buffering with the MediaBoxx?

Buffering is a very complex occurrence. The short answer to the question is, always expect very little to none. Example if you’re watching a movie or your favorite program a normal buffer occurrence would happen once or twice during a show and only for 3 seconds if any. Buffering is 98% based on your ISP (Internet service provider).

Is the MediaBoxx wireless?

Yes. Not only wireless but has state of the art wifi reception with dual-band 2.4G and 5G connection.

What internet speed do I need to run the MediaBoxx?

Minimum: 20-25 mbps download (Poor quality)

Moderate: 40-85 mbps download speed (Good quality)

Excellent: 100+ mbps download speed (Excellent quality)

Can I surf the internet on the MediaBoxx?

Yes. The MediaBoxx uses Google Chrome browser and any browser availalbe in the Google Playstore.

How do i know if this will work on my TV?

If your TV has an HDMI port your in business.

Is the MediaBoxx Legal to Buy & Use?

Our MediaBoxx which is a 100% Pure Android TV Device can also be used as a mini-pc is completely legal to use – It’s no different from a smartphone, laptop or tablet. They’re simply streaming media players that run a Pure 100% Android based operating system.  Android TV boxes can be legally purchased and used without issue, as they are sold in all major chains like Walmart, Target, Best, Fry Electronics and a host of other retail locations.

Can I attach additional storage or peripharals to my MediaBoxx?

Yes. The MediaBoxx comes with 3 USB ports, TF port, optical digital audio and a OTG slot. Our MediaBoxx has more inputs that most laptops or computers.

Will I be able to watch YouTube or get on social media?

Yes. You can watch all your favorite videos on YouTube, FaceBook, Vimeo or catch up with friends on your favorite social media sites. Simply go to the Google Playstore and download your favorite social media apps just like you would on your mobile device.

What additional cost will I have to pay, after purchasing a MediaBoxx?

Nothing is required.  Each MediaBoxx comes fully programmed with lots of APPS for your entertainment pleasure. Additional APP downloads/purchases would be entirely up to each customer. Each MediaBoxx gives full access to the GooglePlaystore. Most apps are FREE and some apps cost. There are so many deals that people aren’t aware of that saves tons of money on entertainment. We also look for the best apps and work with app makes/companies to get FREE trails of value to pass on to our customers.

Basic Tutorial Videos

(Advanced Tutorials found on our FaceBook Page)


MediaBoxx Plus Remote


What’s inside the MediaBoxx Bundle?


MediaBoxx Overview (Hardware)

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